SCO RO (Module 4) Renewal-Online

Safe Control of Operations

£80 + VAT • 1 Hr • Classroom Based & Online Course 

f you already hold a current SCO registration and would like to do a renewal course, you can do this online via a virtual classroom with a trainer delivering the course. Please contact us to arrange a suitable date. If preferred, we can deliver a classroom-based course at our venue in Manchester or any venue in the UK.

This SCO Renewal course consists of Module 4.

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SCO Renewal Module 4

Duration – 1 Hrs

Prices – Includes EUSR registration and CSC affiliated card. A VAT receipt can be sent on request:

  • £80 plus VAT

Prerequisites Must hold a current SHEA Gas registration.

If current registration runs out before 28th October 2025 Must have the GL6 Update.

Must hold a current SCO Core or equivalent to be able to do any other Renewal module.

Must hold Current PtW or equivalent to be able to do the RO renewal module.


SCO renewal is for those individuals that have an existing and current SCO registration that are nearing expiry. It is available as a single module for those wishing to renew a single registration or as a combination of modules where an individual would like to renew all their registrations at the same time.

The following renewal module has a Lite version as well as a Full version:

  • Module 4: Routine Operations

The full version of this renewal module contains all the knowledge required of a standalone module taken alongside the SCO Core module. The Lite version of these modules contains the key knowledge relevant to the permitry being covered but where the individual is taking/has already taken a related permitry module within the last 6 months and, to avoid duplication, does not need to repeat certain common elements.

If you have an old registration, then below is the new scheme equivalent.

Old SCO Scheme

New SCO Scheme

SCO 1 & 2

SCO Core, PtW & FoA





SCO Assessments are multiple choice and structured so that there is an assessment per module. Individuals must successfully complete training and assessment for all five modules to pass the course.

The course content is detailed below and has been developed in consultation with the Gas Industry to provide a uniform approach to health, safety, and environmental awareness training across the utilities sector, in line with Health and Safety Executive guidelines.

Course Content

Module 4 Routine Operations (RO):

  • The purpose of Routine Operation documentation and when this type of control should be used.
  • Identifying and analysing the key information requirements of an RO.
  • The relevant process, roles and responsibilities for personnel involved in the planning and completion of an RO form.
  • The relevant process, roles and responsibilities for personnel involved in the preparation and execution of the RO.
  • The relevant process, roles and responsibilities for personnel involved in the management of RO works.

Need Help To Choose the Right Course?

SCO courses are arranged on request at mutually agreeable dates and venues, so get in touch to request an SCO course for your engineers.

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