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At Jason Rowley LTD, our health and safety training for utility companies encompasses the vital information required to understand and safely work within the gas, electric and telecommunications industries. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, comprehensive health & safety online training courses for your utility business or organisation to ensure that your employees can operate effectively, efficiently and safely.

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Health & Safety Training Courses for Utilities

Jason Rowley LTD benefit from over 30 years experience within the industry allowing us to provide essential health & safety training courses for gas, electrical and telecommunications industries. Companies, businesses and independent engineers can benefit from our Safety, Health & Environmental Awareness (SHEA) modules, which support a safer workplace in the gas, electrical and telecom sectors. 

We specialise in Safety Control of Operations (SCO) Renewal, Shea training, and Initial training specifically for Authorising Engineers and Competent Persons within the Gas Distribution Network (GDN) and contractor organisations, which emphasises modern health & safety practices within daily SCO activities.

Basic one-day First Aid Training is also available which focuses on lower-risk injuries solutions and safety incidents, with an AED option for training in effectively using a defibrillator.

Our Courses in Utility Health & Safety

FAQs for Health & Safety Training Courses in Utilities

SHEA, which stands for Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness, is a health & safety course for working safely in an operational environment. Including the gas, electrical and telecommunications industries, partially developed with key employers in these sectors. SHEA helps engineers by supporting a safer workspace and reducing costs in injury, illnesses, accidents and repairs.

The Safe Control of Operations (SCO) scheme ensures that Competent Persons or Authorising Engineers working on the gas network are trained in understanding gas network procedures and correct permits. SCO Initial training programme is designed for Trainer-led face-to-face delivery only, with specifically identified registrations for CPs and AEs. SCO Renewal offers e-learning and assessments as an additional option for Gas Distribution Networks (GDNs) and Contractor organisations, with modules emphasising contextualised health & safety practices.

Automated External Defibrillators (AED) should be used to revive someone from cardiac arrest. It works by using electricity to jolt the heart back into a regular rhythm. You must first check that the individual is still breathing and has a pulse and call for emergency medical aid before using an AED.

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