Safe Work Practices For Energised Telecommunications Equipment

For those considering a career or training to obtain a telecommunications engineering certification your safety and the safety of others are paramount. Familiarity with the potential hazards and risks involved when working with energised telecommunications is required to safely carry through electrical tasks and engineering work. Health and safety qualifications are an integral part of the telecommunications training process and should be revisited and refreshed regularly with the intention of keeping up to date on health and safety practices within the telecommunications industry. We’ll discuss the essentials of telecommunication health and safety including construction site PPE, telecommunications and electrical risk assessments, training, work safety plan and safe work practices. 

telecommunications worker attending to telecom lines

On-Site Electrical Safety Training & Planning

Electrical Safety Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are vital in all lines of work and help us to identify the potential risks and electrical hazards within the workplace. Hazards must be evaluated before construction and engineering works begin to help implement safety measures and mitigate incidents of injury through proactive preventative behaviours.  Identifying and controlling risks and common hazards in the workplace are essential skills for all workers working in a high-risk environment like telecoms. Electrical safety risk assessments for the telecommunications industry equip workers with the correct tools and skills to carry out tasks in a safety-informed manner. 

On-Site Telecommunications Safety Work Plan 

Developing an on-site safety plan that provides an outline of the working procedures for safely completing tasks. Contingency plans and safety working plans outline the precautions workers should take like the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and emergency procedures like injury and escape plans, 

All workers should receive a thorough briefing before carrying out any work on energised telecommunications equipment. Following safe working practices continually throughout the working day.

Safe Telecommunications Work Practices 

Workplace Responsibilities

Adequate training is essential to working safely within the telecom industry. Understanding legal frameworks, your responsibility as an employee and the employer’s responsibility should all be well understood and practised. If you are unclear about the safety procedures or your responsibility as an engineer speak to your employer. A comprehensive understanding of the risks and dangers facing telecommunications engineers is taught through training courses, covering safety procedures for those working in public and private spaces. 

Safety tools and equipment

Safe use of tools and equipment including the use of insulated tools to reduce the risk of electrical shock while PPE will ensure workers stay seen and safe wearing safety gloves. Safety gloves will protect workers against harsh weather conditions, moisture and hazards. 

Safe working space

Stay safe when working with energised lines and keep a 10 ft distance between yourself and your tools. Be aware of your surroundings, watch out for overhead lines and hazards and always work with another qualified individual to assist in the case of an emergency. Stop working if you ever feel your safety is compromised, something doesn’t seem right or you are concerned, reporting any of the above to your supervisor.

Clear lines of communication

Communicate clearly with team members and supervisors, informing them of your movements and what you are doing so they are aware of your whereabouts, what you are doing and if you need assistance.

Responding to emergencies

Learn and develop emergency response behaviours, preparing you to support those around you in the case of an emergency. Develop essential emergency first aid skills and emergency response behaviours, reporting and enforcement of health and safety practices within the workplace.

For specific safety training for those working in the telecommunications industry book with the Jason Rowley EUSR SHEA Telecommunications course today. 

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