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The Safety, Health & Environmental Awareness (SHEA) training course integrates health & safety environmental awareness practices into its modules, influenced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) essential guidelines on workplace welfare. Developed in collaboration with employers in the utility industry, SHEA encourages engineers to gain knowledge and confidence when operating in the gas, electric, water, CCPL, and telecommunications industries.

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About the Safety, Health & Environmental Awareness Training

Our SHEA schemes are designed for workers in the utility industry and are an entirely reliable and useful training course, providing industry-specific content to support a safer operational environment. 

SHEA Gas, SHEA Power and SHEA Telecoms courses are available and are inclusive for operatives, supervisors and management. Within SHEA training, there is an assessment per module. These core modules are relevant to the gas, power and telecommunications industries and support workplace practices that follow health, safety and environmental law. By undergoing SHEA core modules, utility workers will be able to demonstrate a professional level of knowledge, understanding and behavioural awareness of their sector.

SHEA Training for your Industry

SHEA Training courses cover safety laws, hazards, safe working practices, emergency procedures and risk assessments for gas, electrical, telecoms and water industries. These courses can be delivered face-to-face or online which takes approximately 1 day to complete. Successful participants will receive a EUSR ID card with a CSCS Logo which means they can have access to CSCS-controlled operational sites for utility work.


SHEA Gas courses train engineers in the gas industry in the best health & safety practices for their sector through sharing expert-level knowledge and behavioural awareness. SHEA Gas training course is delivered by Energy & Utility Skills professionals and usually lasts one day, with prices starting at £180. Successful participants will earn a EUSR certification that lasts for three years from the date of assessment.

SHEA Power

SHEA Power provides a uniform approach to health, safety and environmental awareness within the electrical and power industry. The scheme comprises eight modules, six of which are in relation to health & safety for all utility sectors, with two specific to the power industry. The course is provided by energy and utility safety experts to help workers gain  EUSR SHEA Power registration that lasts 3 years. Prices start from £180

SHEA Cross Country Pipelines (CCPL)

SHEA Cross Country Pipelines is a specific training course that focuses on the health, safety and environmental practices related to working with cross-country pipelines for oil, gas or other substances. The scheme, which comprises nine modules, will aid CCPSHEA engineers in earning an industry-specific EUSR registration that lasts for 3 years. Prices start from £180

SHEA Telecoms

SHEA Telecommunications training course is designed for engineers, operatives, supervisors and management and comprises seven modules; six are relevant to all utility sectors, and one is specific to telecommunications. The EUSR telecom registration, which lasts for 3 years following the date of assessment, demonstrates that the participant has an appropriate level of knowledge and behavioural awareness for health and safety practices. Prices start from £180

Need Help? Contact Our Team For SHEA Courses

We offer a wider variety of SHEA courses for the gas, power and telecom industries. If you or your team require SHEA course training for the relevant utility sectors, contact our team and organise a session.

Course availability is updated weekly. Please get in touch for more information on courses. If there is no suitable date available, please get in touch as we may be able to meet your schedule.

SHEA Frequently Asked Questions

We often get asked a lot of questions regarding the different training courses and training we offer. If you can’t find your question answered below, feel free to get in touch with the team.

SHEA modules are designed for engineers, operatives, supervisors and managers working in sectors related to gas, electricity and telecom, as well as the water and cross-country pipeline industries. In some cases, workers may be required to complete SHEA training in order to work in the utility industry or perform certain tasks.

SHEA Gas, Power and Telecoms courses include content produced and managed by Energy & Utility Skills and consist of six core modules as well as other modules tailored to a specific utility sector. Core modules include:

    1. Understanding our workplace responsibilities
    2. Understanding the effects of our work on the environment
    3. Identifying and controlling risks
    4. Common hazards in the workplace
    5. Occupational health hazards
    6. Responding to emergencies

SHEA courses are not mandatory training, although this is often determined by the industry’s regulatory requirements, policies of the company or the employer. However, SHEA certification may be desired among engineers as a successful participant will be registered with EUSR, which grants them the ability to work on an operation site.

In compliance with the Energy & Utility Skills Register, SHEA EUSR registration provides evidence for an engineer that they are knowledgable and understand work safety in an operational environment. A EUSR registration card qualifies an operations worker to access and work in a site related to the gas, power and telecommunications sectors.

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