SCO Module 1: Core

£180 + VAT • 1 Day • SCO Initial Training Programme • Classroom Based (Renewals Online)

Safe Control of Operations Course for new and expired SCO cardholders.

Training course available upon request, please contact us to arrange a suitable date. Must have current SHEA Gas registration to register.

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30+ Years' Experience
Qualified & Certified Trainers
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Course Overview

The Safe Controls of Operations, or SCO Gas Training course is designed for current or future named authorising engineers or named competent persons within the gas industry. You’ll be involved in operational works on the Gas Networks and some Meter Installations. The SCO Core scheme intends to train individuals within the gas network, to understand the gas networks’ safety procedures and duties. The SCO gas certification training can be completed with sessions run with Jason Rowley LTD online or face-to-face. 

The SCO training programme has been devised for those new to SCO while also offering renewal training for those with exiting and current EUSR SCO registrations, near to expiry. All modules between the initial SCO training course and the SCO renewal training are the same but are shorter, refresher courses with assessment.

EUSR SCO initial registration and re-registration are awarded upon the completion of the SCO training and successful assessment.

Course Objectives

The main objectives of the course are as follows:

  • State the purpose, process and main features of the revised SCO procedures
  • Identify the context and scope of SCO
  • State the types of safe systems within the risk hierarchy and risk-based approach to SCO
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of specific individuals within SCO and the importance of communication
  • State the SCO procedures for deviations and emergency situations
  • Identify the requirements for records management, performance review and monitoring, audit and review
  • Identify SCO competency requirements
  • Identify SCO EUSR registration requirements

Course Duration

The course will typically require one working day to complete, including time for content delivery, assessment and regular breaks. The assessment style is completely based on multiple-choice questions. 

A maximum number of 8 participants are able to participate in one SCO training session.

Need Help To Choose the Right Course?

Our SCO courses are arranged on request at mutually agreeable dates and venues. Get in touch if you’d like to arrange SCO training.

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